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N.B.: Lodging fees are subject to NH's 9% Rooms and [Prepared] Meals Tax.

Rates and Payment

We usually need at least a week's notice for a rental. This is because it's very possible that I have other commitments preventing me from delivering water to the yurt for your stay. We live an hour from the yurt, and it does take time to get it ready for you. You can try to make a short-notice reservation, but please know that it's very possible we can't accommodate you. It's also the reason we have a two night minimum. It really does take a LOT of work to get it ready for rental. It is not a hotel where we're right there. We want things to be nice when you get there. To find out if the dates you are interested in are available, Contact Us

Also, due to Paypal refund restrictions, we DO NOT want all of your money more than 60 days in advance. If you're making a reservation for more than 60 days out, please just send in the security deposit for now. I can send you a reminder to pay the balance 30 days before the rental. That way, neither of us will have to pay the paypal fee for the refund. That said:

Your rental will be complete after the following are received:

  • Security Deposit
  • Payment for at least 2 nights.
  • Signed Rental Contract.

I will still hold the yurt reservation for you if I only have the security deposit, provided that the payment is made reasonably promptly following the 30 day reminder. I send directions and instructions to get into the yurt upon receipt of all of the funds.

Required Security Deposit:

  • A $200 security deposit is required for all rentals. This will be refunded, assuming there is no damage done.

Nightly Fee (2 night minimum):

  • $120 / night + 9% NH Rooms Tax
  • ( + $30 / night Oct 21 - April 14)

Maximum occupancy - 4 adults or 5 people if at least one is under 10 years old.
Minimum stay - 2 nights.

Winter / Summer  
 Starting Date:

Weekly Fee    $650     + 9% NH Rooms Tax

  Starting Date:

Pet fee:    $5.00 / night, one dog only please, no cats (allergic).

# of days for pet  

The Breakfast Option

     I make good pancakes - I'd say great, but I don't want to set up expectations.   The pancakes themselves are from scratch using King Arthur Flour (part whole wheat - so better for you anyway), no mixes of any kind. 

     Maple syrup prices have more than doubled in the last two years (2008-09) when the price of gas went up.   It's pricy, but you won't get real maple syrup anywhere in town for breakfast, nor will you get pancakes from scratch.  You can take any leftover syrup home, though, so it's not as pricey as it looks.   Our maple syrup comes from Miracle Acres Farm in Milford, NH - direct from the Sugar Shack.  You get the ingredients, the recipe, and the bacon to cook on the yurt stove.   And you can take home your leftover sourdough starter to make any number of scrumptious sourdough recipes, including the pancakes.   The starter itself is about $15 including the shipping from King Arthur Flour.   

Breakfast for 2- 3: (buttermilk or sourdough Pancake mix, bacon, and NH maple syrup)   (one breakfast per stay)     $15.00

Buttermilk or Sourdough  

Breakfast for 4 - 5:  (buttermilk or sourdough Pancake mix, Bacon, and NH Maple syrup)   (one breakfast per stay)    $25.00

Buttermilk or Sourdough  

Once you click on "View Cart," your transaction will be completed through Paypal.  You can pay through your own paypal account, or use a credit card.   If you want to pay by check, contact us, and we'll send you payment information.   Directions to the yurt and instructions for accessing the yurt will be sent, upon receipt of payment and signed release(rental contract), to the email address used to book the reservation.

Reservation is not complete until receipt of signed rental agreement.
Please be sure to send your email address in the "contact" section.


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